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急速赛车彩票技巧:Public money making effect continues to appear

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内容摘要: a quarter share of total public fund increased 576.3 billion copies, from a variety of fund net inflows situation, most investors prefer to...

a quarter share of total public fund increased 576.3 billion copies, from a variety of fund net inflows situation, most investors prefer to invest in money funds International (QDII) equity funds .

Recently, with the The disclosure of the public equity fund's first quarterly report in 2018 revealed that the total purchase status and total redemption status of each fund product in the quarter were gradually exposed. Through these indicators, we can see the amount of money invested to change, and what types of products are more popular with investors?

fund shares in the first quarter increased 576.3 billion

statistics show that the end of the first quarter of this year, raised funds to increase the number of products due to factors such as total purchase share reached 12.5 trillion copies, compared with the same period last year increased by 49%. The total redemption of shares over the same period was 11.9 trillion parts, year on year increase of 38%.

share of net inflows (total purchase - total redemption) on this indicator, the "Investor News" reporter, according to statistics obtained, the entire first quarter of this year raised funds industry share of the total increase of 576.3 billion copies, while the same period last year It is reduced by 301.5 billion copies.

It can be clearly seen from this increase and decrease that last year, the public fund showed a significant money-making effect and it did attract many investors' funds. Data shows that among the 6152 non- money funds (shared separately) last year, the percentage of funds receiving positive returns was as high as 65.6%. Among the 3472 stocks in the A-share market, 1102 stocks rose, accounting for only 31.74%.

In addition, some analysts believe that since the A-share market continued to decline this year, some shareholders are willing to take out some funds to buy more stable public funds to diversify investment risks.

Base still the most popular

So which types of funds are more popular among investors? Data shows that in the first quarter of this year, a total of 7 types of fund products, including currency funds and international (QDII) equity funds, had net inflows.

Among them, monetary funds with good liquidity, stable income, and low investment threshold are still the most popular among investors. The net inflow of money funds reached 82.5 billion copies. Yu Tianbao of Tianhong Fund , Yunshangbao, etc., the net inflow in the first quarter was still relatively high, reaching 109.4 billion copies and 101 billion copies respectively. However, the company also recently said that the growth rate of Tianhong Yubao has further slowed to 6.9%, which is the lowest growth since the establishment of the fund. In addition, a total of 35 currency funds such as CCB Cash A and ICBC Credit Suisse Currency had a net inflow of 10 billion shares in the first quarter of this year.

The net inflow of international (QDII) equity funds reached 4.5 billion in the first quarter of this year. Among them, the Hong Kong stocks QDII continue to be sought after, and Chinese Internet companies listed overseas are also popular with investors. Data show that students easily Fangda Heng H shares ETF, Huaxia Heng Health ETF, silver Huaheng H shares, Bank of CSI Overseas China Internet, the South preferred Hong Kong and other products have a better first quarter net inflows.

Although there are only a small number of commodity funds, there are only 12 of them, but 7 of them have net inflows in the first quarter. The net inflows of many products such as Bosch Gold ETF, Huaan Yifu Gold ETF C, and Boshi Gold ETF Coupling C reached tens of millions.

while commodity funds, balanced hybrid funds , short-term net debt funds, to enhance index funds enhanced index bond funds other types of products, the first quarter of this year, net inflows were 3.354 billion copies, 135 million copies, 597 million copies, 313 million copies and 0.02 billion copies. On

comprehensive point of view, equity funds, international (QDII) equity funds, balanced hybrid , enhanced index funds more popular with investors; and solid income class fund, investors are more willing to choose Monetary Fund, short-term Pure debt funds.

flexible allocation fund large net outflow

Statistics show that flexible allocation fund, the situation appeared share net outflow of partial debt hybrid funds, bond funds, mixed a fund such as 13 types of products in the first quarter of this year. The net outflow

flexible configuration funds in the first quarter of this year, amounting to 219.8 billion yuan. Of particular concern is that five national fund - China New Economy, Castrol new opportunities, the South consumption vitality, easy Fangda Rui Hui, investment Harvest Group A suffered redemptions, the total redemption of shares reached 14 million copies.

Since these funds purchase shares in the first quarter are zero, so that's five national fund also flexible configuration funds up to the amount of net outflow of funds. However, senior professionals told reporters that the stock market will not change much due to the 200 billion yuan of national team funds.

In addition, a relevant person in Shanghai fund company also told reporters that this year's large outflow of such funds may be related to the transformation of some capital preservation funds .

Since the "Guiding Opinions on the Hedge Fund Strategy Fund" was introduced in January of last year, the name of "Primary Capital Protection Fund" has been adjusted to the "Hedging Strategy Fund". After the expiration, the name of the fund should be adjusted, and the principal guarantee of conversion should be changed. Clearing for other types of funds. Since the funds after the transition have changed in terms of investment objectives, investment scope, investment strategies, and fund rates, large redemptions are a relatively normal phenomenon in the industry.

The reporter noticed that the high net outflow of the Noon Anxin flexible configuration hybrid fund is such a product. The fund was officially transformed from the cost of Noian Anxin on February 22, 2018. Another example is that the net outflow amounted to 150 million copies of the Guo'an security and flexible configuration of hybrid funds, which is changed by the Guo'an security security hybrid version after the expiry of March 12.

In the first quarter of this year, the partial out-of-pocket hybrid funds also had relatively large net outflows, reaching 37,500 million copies. The net outflows of multiple funds, such as Huashang Capital Protector No. 1 and Xincheng Yongfeng Open A, are all above 500 million. The reporter noted that although the absolute value of the net outflow of such products is not very large, there are more products that exhibit net outflows. The data shows that of the 446 partial partial hybrid funds products (A/C share statistics), 336 funds are net outflows.

Overall, the share of public funds raised in the first quarter showed a net inflow, indicating that the fund's products have attracted many investors' funds. However, it should be noted that most investors are still more willing to invest in currency funds and international (QDII) equity funds, and they are still slightly pessimistic about such products as flexible allocation and partial debt consolidation.

blue-chip fund

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Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2018-05-01





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